Vegan Cheese Sauces

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Free & Easy Dairy Free Vegan Cheese Sauce 130g

A cheese sauce powder that can be used in dishes requiring a cheese sauce.Why not try using it to ma..

£1.80 Ex Tax: £1.80

Gaia's Kitchen Vegan Cheddary Cheeze Sauce Mix 152g

New!! Vegan Cheeze sauce mix by Gaia's Kitchen.Perfect with Macaroni, as a topping for Lasagna, or m..

£3.95 Ex Tax: £3.95

Vegamigo 'Happy Nacho' Mild Vegan Cheese Sauce Mix 150g

An easy to make Dairy Free cheese sauce from Vegamigo!Great for simply dipping tortillas in, or pour..

£3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50

Vegamigo 'Happy Nacho' Spicy Vegan Cheese Sauce Mix' 150g

A Spicy 'Nacho' style vegan cheese sauce mix by Vegamigo.Use as a dip for tortillas, mix it up with ..

£3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50